Polar bears by Endalen

The polar bear and her two cubs are now observed by Endalen.

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Polar bears towards Revneset

Tonight, the polar bear and her two cubs have been led past Longyearbyen and towards Revneset. - They are now resting. In consideration with The Norwegian Polar Institute we have ended the operation for today, Governor Kjerstin Askholt informs.

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Will lead the polar bears towards Revneset

Based on a thorough consideration in cooperation with The Norwegian Polar Institute, the Governor will try to lead the polar bear and her two cubs past Longyearbyen and in the direction of Revneset this evening.

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The polar bears have returned

The polar bear and her two cubs have returned closer to Longyearbyen. – The bears are lying still and for the present we are observing them, police inspector Vidar Arnesen says.

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Ends the polar bear operation

- The polar bear and her two cubs have been driven in the right direction. They are now far from Longyearbyen and are moving in the direction that we want.  We have therefore ended the operation, police inspector Thor-Arild Hansen informs.

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Driving the polar bears towards Sassen

The polar bear and her two cubs were observed on the road by Gruve 6 at 07.00 Sunday morning.- We are driving them eastwards with helicopter and snow scooters. We have the situation under control, police inspector Thor-Arild Hansen says.

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No new polar bear observations

The polar bear and her two cubs that were driven into Foxdalen Staurday night seem to have moved further south and not back into Adventdalen. – We have not made any new observations of the bears Saturday, police inspector Trond Olsen says.

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The Polar bears driven into Foxdalen

The Governor's helicopter detected the polar bear and her two cubs at the mouth of Foxdalen around 01:00 o' clock Saturday night. With the helicopter and snow scooters the three bears were driven into Foxdalen.

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Polar bears observed near Jernsenga

A polar bear with two cubs was observed east of Jernsenga in Adventdalen late Friday evening. The bears were heading in the direction of Longyearbyen when they were spotted by a snow scooter driver. Sysselmannen will try to locate the three bears by helicopter and a snow scooter patrol.

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No polar bear observation

The Governor did not observe any polar bears when the area from Longyearbyen to Passhytta was inspected by a snow scooter patrol Friday evening. The Governor went out to inspect the area after fresh polar bear tracks, most likely from a female with a cub, were observed.

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