Avalanch alert

Warning for HIGH avalanch risk
Update according to evaluations made in Longyearbyen tuesday morning.

On tuesday 21.February a HIGH risk for avalanch- danger grade 4- on Svalbard (region Nordenskioldland)

 Please follow information at www.varsom.no



The evacuation and ban on entry has now been partially lifted

A thorough avalanche expert assessment of the mountain side of Sukkertoppen has now been carried out.

The evacuation and ban on entry has now been partially lifted.

Evacuation and ban on entry is still in force for the following areas:

Road 222-7, 222-9, 222-11, 222-13, 222-15, 222-17

Road 224-7

Road 226-10, 226-12, 226-31, 226-33, 226-35, 226-37

The damaged building in Road 228 6-16

Further information will be given at the public meeting at Longyearbyen Cultural Hall this evening at 20:00 hrs.

See the map

Information meeting for the public in Longyearbyen this evening.

A new information meeting for the public will be held in Longyearbyen Cultural Hall this evening at 20:00 hrs.

Representatives from Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE), The Governor of Svalbard and Longyearbyen Community Council will, among others, be present.

More information here:

Updated information on the situation in Longyearbyen

Longyearbyen emergency board dicussed the situation and further work in its meeting earlier today.

Experts from the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the Norwegian Geotechnical Institute (NGI) will work throughout the day with snow avalanche assessments of the evacuated area.

Avalanche blocking the road to mine 7

Two avalanches have occurred on the upper side of the road leading up to Mine 7. The road is closed temporarily, says Per Nilssen, mining manager at the mining company Store Norske.

Clearing of the road has started. Mining manager Per Nilssen informs that the mountain side towards Mine 7 will have to be examined regarding further avalanches before the road may be cleared all the way up to the mining facility.

Until it is completely cleared and safe, the road is closed from the upper side of the Basecamp dog yard, says Per Nilssen.

Information to evacuees

The Governor of Svalbard will facilitate the assistance of persons who need to collect vital personal belongings, medicines and similar items, to enter their evacuated homes. Those who have such requirements must meet at Rabalder Café in Longyearbyen Cultural Hall at 21:00 hrs. The police will have personnel present who will assist.

This does NOT apply to the houses in the top row of Road 222 and the top row of Road 226.  It will not be possible to collect any belongings from these houses.

Invitation to an information meeting for the public

An information meeting will be held at Longyearbyen Cultural Hall this evening at 20:00 hrs.

The Governor of Svalbard, Longyearbyen Community Council, Svalbard Church, Longyearbyen Red Cross and the Norwegian Water Energy and Resources will be present at the meeting, and will give status and preliminary information regarding the avalanche in Longyearbyen today.

The press is invited to attend the meeting.  At the end of the meeting, time will be allocated to those who wish to ask questions without the presence of the media.

The meeting will last approximately 1 hour.

Closed roads

Find map over roads that are closed here:

The avalanche area is examined

The avalanche area is now examined and the situation is clarified.  No persons are reported missing.  The Police is still at the avalanche site.

Information on evacuated houses and closed roads in Longyearbyen.

Updated list of evacuated houses:

All houses in road 222, all houses in road 224, all houses in road 226, all houses in 228, and the top row of houses in road 230.

All conecting roads of Hilmar Rekstend road from and including road 222 -228, including Perleporten.

The top row of road 230 is also closed.

All other houses and roads are at the moment not evacuated or closed.

For the time being, residents may not enter the evacuated houses to collect personal belongings etc.

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Snow avalanche in Longyearbyen

A snow avalanche has occurred above Road 228 in Longyearbyen. One building has been hit by the avalanche. There are no reports of personal injuries or persons missing. The Police is on the scene. The avalanche danger is not clarified, but evacuation is now carried out. Personnel from The Norwegian Water Resource and Energy Directorate cooperate with the Police.

An EPS crisis centre is being established by Longyearbyen Local Community Council at Rabalder Cafè in Longyearbyen Cultural Hall. People that are affected by the evacuation can meet there.


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