If the weather conditions do not change, there will be access to the evacuated houses for the collection of personal belongings and other items Saturday between 13.00 and 18.00 hrs.

The Police will not be present during the collection of items.

The Governor will arrange so that evacuees can collect their belongings once a week, preferably during week-ends. The exact times will depend on the weather conditions, and on NVE’s consideration of the avalanche risk.

The times will be announced on the Governor’s website and on Facebook before every week-end..

The ban on entry and residence is in force for the following houses:

Road 222-7, 222-9, 222-11, 222-13, 222-15, 222-17, Road 226-10, 226-12, 226-31, 226-33, 226-35, 226-37, and the damaged buildings in Road 228 6-16.