The Governor has lifted the evacuation of Nybyen with immediate effect. The road from the school to Nybyen will also be opened.

- There have been new investigations of the snow conditions both below Sukkertoppen and over Nybyen. On the basis of these investigations, NVE considers that there is no risk that avalanches will reach the inhabited areas. This now also applies Nybyen, Governor Kjerstin Askholt says.

The investigations have shown that there have been several avalanches the last 24 hours, including in Lia. The avalanches have been in accordance with NVE's calculations.

- This shows that the avalanche warning system works as intended, Governor Kjerstin Askholt says.

There is still a very large risk of avalanches, and the Governor urges people to refrain from enter steep slopes. The risk of snow slides will be high for several days to come.