Due to the high risk of avalanches, it is decided to evacuate Gruvelageret until Sunday. Huset will be temporarily closed for arrangements and visits. The road between the old museum, Huset and Gruvelagret in Sverdrupsbyen is closed.

- The decision has been made because of the weather situation and expert advice and considerations from NVE and NGI, the Governor Kjerstin Askholt informs.

- It is expected that the weather situation will get worse, with stronger winds and snowdrift from Saturday afternoon and onwards, says Kjerstin Askholt.

A new assessment will be made Sunday morning.

NVE report of considerable avalanche danger at Nordenskiöld Land and in the areas close to Longyearbyen. “The situation is demanding. In addition to fresh snow and wind, there are areas with persistant weak layers under the fresh wind-deposited snow that gives a very unstable snowpack”, reports NVE at www.varsom.no

The Governor is constantly monitoring the situation, and urges people to take their precautions and be careful when entering the terrain. Follow www.varsom.no regarding the avalanche situation for Nordenskiøld land.