A detachment in the ground was detected in the mountainside just above the houses in Gruvedalen road 232.522 to 232.544

- According to the expert advice, we have decided to evacuate the residents of these houses, until the ground stabilizes, the Governor on Svalbard Kjerstin Askholt says.

These houses in Gruvedalen from road 232.522 to 232.544 will be evacuated:

232.522, 232.524, 232.526, 232.528, 232.530, 232.532, 232.534, 232.536. 232.538, 232.540, 232.542, 232.544.

The evacuation will start immediately, and be carried out before 18:00 hrs. the Governor Kjerstin Askholt informs.

The evacuated residents are obliged to meet at EPS Cricis Centre at Longyearbyen Cultural centre for registration.