The Governor is maintaining the evacuation in Nybyen until further notice. - NVE wants to inspect the mountainsides above Nybyen closely before a new assessment is made,  Governor Kjerstin Askholt informs.

- There is still strong winds and snow drift in Longyearbyen and surrounding areas, therefore we have to wait until the visibility is better before we can inspect the mountainsides above Nybyen and Longyeardalen. This will be done as part of the avalanche warning system, says the Governor.

There have been some minor avalanches in the mountainside, but these have not reached the developed areas. It is still a high risk of avalanches, and the Governor is warning people against venturing into the terrain.

- And we strongly encourage people who walk along the roads in Longyearbyen to wear reflector tags or west that make them visible to the snow-clearing crew. They still have a lot to do. Most people are clever, but there have been some incidents where people have been difficult to see, Governor Kjerstin Askholt, says.