Svalbard is not covered by the EEA Agreement. Due to this there are strict regulations for sending or bringing animals and animal products from Svalbard to the mainland. In addition, there is rabies on Svalbard, while the mainland is rabies-free.

Please note that airlines may have their own rules for bringing pets on planes. Contact the airline for information.

Legal basis

Import of pets to Svalbard is covered by Regulations prohibiting import of animals of Svalbard. Export of pets from Svalbard to the mainland is covered by the Regulations on animal health conditions for non-commercial transportation of pets.

A. Dog

To Svalbard 

To bring a dog to Svalbard requires permission from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. The permit is granted for one year at a time. Permission is granted to the following conditions:

  • The dog should be identity marked with a visible tattoo (before 3rd July 2011) or microchip. The animal must be ID-marked before the rabies vaccination. Identity number should be entered in the veterinary certificate and all original documents.
  • The dog should be vaccinated against rabies according to vaccine manufacturer's recommendation.
  • The dog can not be transferred the first 30 days after vaccination if it has not previously been regularly vaccinated after vaccine manufacturer's recommendations.
  • Earliest time for vaccination against rabies is when the dog is 3 months old.
  • The dog should be treated against lice and ticks 1-21 days before arrival in Svalbard. Veterinary certificate is necessary. 
  • The dog must be accompanied by personal statement on the dog's health.
  • It should not be any signs giving reason to suspect disease of the dog on the transfer date.
  • In Svalbard, the dog should not be on the chain without constant supervision, but kept the yard or in a family home.
  • From March 1 2016, the dog, passport, import permission and personal statement will be controlled at Svalbard airport upon arrival. Contact the Service Center and have the documents ready for inspection.

 From Svalbard

There is no requirement for written permission to include the dog from Svalbard to the mainland, but the owner must show the dog for Customs and document that:

  1.    The dog's identity marked
  2.    The dog has a passport, where it is stated that:


  • The dog is vaccinated/ revaccinated against rabies according to vaccine manufacturer's recommendation.
  • It's taken blood sample of the dog earliest 30 days (and no later than 365 days) after vaccination against rabies. The dog must wait at least 90 days after the blood sample before travelling to mainland Norway (waiting period).
  1. Analysis by approved laboratory must demonstrate a level of antibodies to rabies virus that is at least 0.5 IU / ml.
  2. Puppies should be three months or older when the vaccine that forms the basis for testing, is set.
  3. New blood test is not required if the animal has been tested with satisfactory results and is revaccinated with the intervals the manufacturer recommend.
  • The dog should be treated against echinococcose (eg. Echinococcus multilocularis)
  1. An approved drug should be used (praziquantel). Registered drugs in Norway today: Droncit vet. ®, Drontal vet. ®, Drontal comp. ® and Milbemax vet. ®
    Droncit vet. ® can no loger be purchased without prescription at the pharmacy in Longyearbyen. Contact the veterinarian.
  2. The treatment should be performed between 24 and 120 hours (5 days) prior to departure, and the treatment should be documented by a veterinarian. The "Dog owner statement" form is no longer valid (new rules from 1st May 2013).

If you travel by a direct flight to Gardermoen (Oslo), you need to inform the Border Control Veterinarian at Gardermoen minimum 48 hours prior to arrival on this phone number: (+47) 22 77 79 00.  After office hours: (+47) 22 40 00 00.

Inform the Governor at when dogs change owners or move permanently to the mainland.

B. Cat and ferret

No permissions to bring cat and ferret to Svalbard are given.

C. Rabbit, hamster, hooded rat, pets, aquarium fish etc.

It does not require special permission to bring these animals to and from Svalbard.