Forms Description
Alcohol permission Confirmation of employment from employer for obtaining permission to buy alcohol. Form in Norwegian only.
Criminal record certificate Application for criminal record sertificate
Dog to Svalbard Application for permission to bring dog to Svalbard
Exception from home quarantine
Fishing license - handline Buy license for fishing with handline/fishing rod
Fishing license - net Buy license for fishing with net
Fuel depot Application for fuel depot
Guarantee for visits Guarantee for visitors - form
Hunting and fishing - report Report catch
Hunting trophys - import from Svalbard Permission to import hunting trophys from Svalbard to the mainland. Form in Norwegian only
Marriages Official forms
Marriages - step by step From The Norwegian Tax Administration
Notification of travel plans for individual travellers Form for notification of travel plans in Svalbard for individual travellers; residents, visitors and researchers
Notification of travel plans for tour operators Form for notification of travel plans for tour operators in Svalbard
Passenger carrying vehicle Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) driver’s licence
Passenger carrying vehicle - declaration health Passenger carrying vehicle (PCV) driver’s licence - declaration on health. Link to website
Passports for children under 18 Permission, authorisation form, consent, parental responsibility, meeting in person.
Polar bears and humans Form for reporting incidents between humans and polar bears. Form in Norwegian only.
Post Visit Report Svalbard As soon as possible after every cruise/ voyage in Svalbard, and by e-mail before the vessel leaves Svalbard waters, all ships/ touroperators must report to the Governor's office where they have been in Svalbard, including any landings and anchorings.
Reindeer - hunting license Application for hunting Svalbard reindeer. Residents on Svalbard only.
Removal goods Importation of removal goods - declaration
Renting rifle Form for permission to rent a rifle for polar bear protection on Svalbard
Report after field trip Form for reporting after field trip on Svalbard - number of days in the field etc
Seal - hunting license Hunting license for ringed seal and bearded seal
Separation and divorce Application form for separation and divorse
Separation and divorce abroad Application form. If you separated abroad and wish to apply for a divorce in Norway, the foreign separation must be approved before the authorities car deal with an application for divorce.
Small gamle - hunting license License for hunting small game
Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund - refunds of fee Form for refunds of fee paid to The Svalbard Environmental Protection Fund
VAT Exportation of goods by persons living abroad and purchased during temporary stay in Norway - return of VAT for residents. Remember the receipt and that the goods must be presented in unused condition at The Governos office
Vehicle - temporary use on mainland Norway Application for temporary use of vehicle registered on Svalbard on mainland Norway (feriebil)
Vessel questionnaire Cruiseships sailing in Svalbard waters are obligated to submit the information requested in this form.
Virgohamna - landing Application for landing in Virgohamna
Visa - application Application for Schengen Visa
Visa - renewal Application for renewal or extension of Schengen visa
Weapon - lending decleration Decleration form lending weapon. Form in Norwegian only
Zone A East Svalbard - notification of travel plans Notification of travelling plans - landings in zone A - Reference areas for research
Zone A East Svalbard -report on landings Zone A - report on landings in reference area for research