Plans for infection prevention operations

Based on an infection prevention guideline, the individual tourism businesses must draw up their own plans for infection prevention responsible operations. Travel companies wishing to start operations in Svalbard from 1 June must submit their plans to the Governor during 24 May. This is according to an agreement between central authorities, the Governor and organized tourism on 18 May. Until the final guideline is ready, the preliminary version must be used.

Published 5/22/2020

The Governor will process submitted plans on an ongoing basis.

The Governor will, according to professional advice from the infection control doctor, assess whether the plans meet the formal criteria. Subsequently, the plans will be presented to the Svalbard Emergency Preparedness Council.

It is emphasized that it is the companies' own responsibility to ensure that the operation is effective in terms of infection prevention. No one can start up operations until they have received feedback from the Governor.

There are special challenges associated with coastal cruises. So far, no date has been given by the government for when it can be opened for such activities in Svalbard's waters. A working group has been established to look at a special infection prevention guideline for this industry, as well as health and rescue preparedness.