Will not accept fine

The captain on the sailing vessel «Arktika» will not accept the NOK 25.000 fine. He got his passport back today.

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All evacuation is cancelled

The Governor of Svalbard is cancelling the evacuation of Gruvedalen and the private dog yard immediately. The road between the centre and Skjæringa (Melkeveien) will be opened.

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Sverdrupbyen and Huset

The Governor informs that the opening of Nybyen also includes opening of Sverdrupbyen with Gruvelageret and Huset.

Information to the evacuated in Gruvedalen

If some of the residents in Gruvedalen need to collect some necessary items in their homes, they can do that between 20:00 and 21:00 hrs. tonight.  Please contact the Governor in advance. Call 79021222.

Opening of parts of the evacuated areas

The Governor opens Lia, Nybyen and the area around Svalbard Kirke. The evacuees may move back home from 18:00pm this evening. The evacuation of the residents in Vei 232,522 to 232.544 and the private dog yard is maintained. A new evaluation will be made tomorrow morning.

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